5 Ways to be a Healthier Family this Year

5 Ways to Be a Healthier Family This Year

The following post is from Jen from Forever, For Always, No Matter What: January is always a great time to rethink or renew some goals. Almost everyone would like to drop a few pounds, and talk to just about any mom and she will tell you she has a desire for her family to get […]

Outdoor Activities: A Great Way for Families to Spend Time Together

Outdoor Family Activities

The following post is by Angie of Many Little Blessings and The Homeschool Classroom. I’ll be the first to admit it: We’re kind of a nerdy, techy family. Left to our own devices, well, we’ll probably each find our own devices and waste away hours like that. While this is fine in moderation, it’s not […]

Healthy Homeschool Snacks

Healthy Homeschool Snacks

The following is a post from contributing writer Kris Bales of Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers. Since I’ve changed my eating habits, our whole family’s eating has improved, to an extent. I’m still taking steps to get my kids eating healthier, though. If your kids are anything like mine, they like to graze all day. There are […]

Simple Ways To Get Moving With Your Kids


The following is a post from contributing writer Mary Prather.   Does exercise (aka gym class or physical education) ever seem to come in last in your homeschool? At varying points in our homeschool experience, it has (I am sad to say). I’ve discovered that it’s not so much about giving them a physical education, […]

5 Ways Adopting a Dog Can Benefit Your Homeschool


The following is a post by contributing writer Michelle of Raising Cajuns. When our family dog passed away this past spring, I didn’t think I’d be ready for a new dog for a very long time.  But as summer came along and we took a break from lessons, we started to think more about what […]

Fun Math Activity for the Whole Family

Action Math

The follow is a post from contributing writer Megan Spires from House of the Rising Sons. We love to be outside and will generally do as much of our schoolwork outdoors, including Physical Education,  if we can. However, at this time of year, I can feel the air getting a tad bit cooler as the […]

5 Tips to Make Exercise Easy

This post is from contributing writer Jen from Forever, For Always, No Matter What A couple of years ago making exercise a daily priority wasn’t on my to do list.  I don’t know about you, but as a homeschooling mom of a busy family (is there any other kind?), my to do list is overflowing […]

Great Homeschooling Links: 7 Healthy Topics to Teach Your Children


The following is a post by contributing writer, Sheri, of Learning Pavilion. Spring is in the air and is a great time for new beginnings. So get refreshed and if you haven’t begun already, teach your children the importance of nutrition, fitness, drinking water, spending time outside, breathing fresh air, getting plenty of sleep, and […]

Taco Salad Made Over (Plus a $100 Gift Certificate Giveaway)


Way back when we were in middle and high school, Eric and I both loved a lunch that was named Texas Straw Hat (for some unknown reason). It was our school’s version of a taco salad. Since that was the only place that we ate taco salads, we just kind of assumed that’s what a […]

4 Easy Ways to be a Fitter Family

Family Fitness

4 Easy Ways to be a Fitter Family   “As the family goes, so goes the nation and so goes the whole world in which we live” ~ Pope John Paul II As homeschooling families we have the opportunity to gently turn our children’s minds and hearts toward God, as well as towards other good […]

The Pursuit of Knowledge, Health and Beauty: Summer Goals for Mom


Would you be shocked if I told you that summer is my least favorite time of year? Now, don’t get me wrong. I love camping with my family nestled among the towering evergreens of the Cascades, or dipping my hot pink pedicured toes into the vast Pacific Ocean as its waves lull me into a […]