Online Tools for Planning and Organizing Your Homeschool


The following post is from Melissa of The Cork Board: Three years into homeschooling, and I’m still in search of the perfect homeschool planner. It’s not that there are not great options out there. It’s more like I’m a high maintenance client. Here are some of the specifications that I have been looking for: No […]

4 Things to Start the Year Before High School

4 Things to Start the Year BEFORE the First Year of High School -

The following post is from Shannen of Middle Way Mom This school year is my, and my daughter’s, first year homeschooling high school. The anticipation and fear was much greater than the reality of it all, but I do wish there were a few things I would have done her 8th grade year to prepare! […]

Using a Checklist to Guide Schoolwork

our schedule

The following is a post from contributing writer, Julianna, of Petunia June.  {It was originally published on The Homeschool Classroom on February 25, 2013.} When my kids entered their middle elementary years, it was exciting to see how independent they had become. I could place an assignment before them and tend to a younger sibling […]

Occupying Older Students While Working With the Younger Ones

Occupying Older Students While Working with Younger Children

The following post is written by contributing author, Roan of Joyful Always. Many articles have been written by homeschoolers (myself included) sharing ideas about what to do with the younger children while you are teaching your older ones.  But what about occupying the older ones while you are teaching the younger ones?  I believe this takes some […]

How to Put Together a Free Homeschool Curriculum

free homeschool curriculum

The following post is from contributing writer Demetria Zinga of Christian Homeschool Moms. Before my “big” Sonlight purchase this year, I’ve homeschooled on a shoestring budget all along.  Needless to say, finding free curricula has always been a priority for me. Much of what you need to homeschool your kids is completely available- for free.  You […]

The Prepared Homeschool: How to Rock the Days That Don’t Go Perfectly

The Prepared Homeschool

The following post is written by contributing writer Amanda from The Scarlet Paisley. Some days are just a special kind of crazy, aren’t they? We all know them. We all have them. Those days when everything seems to be falling apart, upsetting the plans made in our most optimistic moments. Days like this have the ability […]

Homeschool Scheduling

Homeschool Scheduling

The following is a post from contributing writer Kris Bales of Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers. My kids and I aren’t strict schedule kind of people. We much prefer a regular routine to a schedule. That being said, there is a method to our madness and we have put some thought into our routine. We start each […]

When Mama Needs Her Own Curriculum

tulips mama needs her own curriculum

The following is a post from contributing writer Amanda of The Scarlet Paisley. In the midst of gathering curriculum and preparing for a new year of homeschooling our kids, we often forget that we need to prepare for us too. The moms. You and I. The ones (in most cases) who operate this whole merry-go-round. We beam […]

Rise and Shine? Tips for Surviving the Mornings

Surviving Mornings

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Homeschooling When Life Blows Up


The following is a post by contributing writer Michelle of Raising Cajuns. Everyone has good days and bad days.  Homeschoolers are no different.  Some days flow with ease, while others sputter and chaos ensues.  At the end of the tough days, you go to bed knowing you can start with a clean slate the next […]

The Importance of Review in Learning

The Importance of Review in Learning | The Homeschool Classroom

{photo credit} The following is a post by contributing writer Becky of This Reading Mama. I was recently talking with another homeschooling mom who mentioned her child was just “not getting it” with her math.  As we talked about how what she could do to help her child, she said, “Our math book does review […]