Great Homeschooling Links: December 19, 2009

Real Mommies WantedThe Snail’s Trail

Momma Snail is asking all mommy bloggers to drop the mask of perfection and get real with each other.

Yummy Christmas TreesConfessions of a Homeschooler

Sugarcone Christmas Trees – yummy, fun and educational!

Up for the Challenge?Delightful Learning

Weekly building challenges that may spark your child’s imagination and get them thinking critically and using problem solving skills.

Christmas Caroling BookletSomewhat Organized, Somewhat Crafty

Free Christmas Carol Booklet

Routine, Schedule or BothMy Life on a Taffy Pull

A fellow homeschooling mom explains her schedule / routine and how things work in her house (What’s your schedule/routine?)

Hanukkah CraftsNo Time for Flash Cards

Cute Hanukkah crafts – a Menorah and a Star or David that even the littlest tots can make

Handmade GiftsCraft Crow

Some cute handmade gifts that the kids can make themselves and who doesn’t love a handmade gift?

Cara can be found writing at Peanuts are Evil and Other Crazy Stuff.

photo by krisdecurtis


  1. (Comment from when this post was originally published on Blogger)

    Michelle said…

    Thanks for the mention! :-) I am in the process of moving so the Instant Challenges will be hosted at my new site:

    Blessings to you!