Great Homeschooling Links: March 3, 2012

Written by Jenny of Our Nifty Notebook.

**photo credit:  Maggie Smith

Spring Cleaning and Notes On Homeschool- 47 Tips

Leslie shares tips, encouragement and book resources for homeschoolers.  This post is a must read.

Is Your Homeschool Too Heavy on the School?Heart of the Matter

An excerpt from Misty’s post:  “I don’t want to be raising my kids in a homeschool. I want to be raising them in a home.“  I think a lot of us can relate to Misty’s feelings.

How Homeschooling Has Ruined Us For Public School- Heart of the Matter

Jimmie shares how we are ruining our kids for public school by homeschooling them.  I couldn’t agree more!

An Extreme Home (school) Makeover- Life As Mom

Jessica gives tips for revamping your homeschool.

Unrealistic Homeschool Moms- Raising Arrows

I know I’m guilty of being unrealistic at times.  Amy shares the realistic expectations for us homeschooling Moms.

20 Ways To “Reset” When The Kids Are Having A Hard Day- The Pennington Point

I don’t know about you, but there have been times when a “reset” button would be nice.  Lisa’s tips are excellent.


Jenny is a homeschooling Mom of a 7 year old.  You can find her at Our Nifty Notebook, where she blogs about their homeschool and family adventures.


  1. Another great post to add to your list – Jessica offers advice Homeschooling Thru a Move via The Homeschool Village.