Invest Time in Relationships for a Happier and Healthier Future

When we think of ways to work toward a healthier today and future, I suspect that most of us start to think about things like exercising and eating properly. Those are of course, very important things, but they aren’t the only important things for your health in the future. While there are many, I can’t help but think about investing in relationships today in order to not only be happier and healthier now, but in the future.

buliding relationships for a healthier future

I have found that, especially as my homeschooled kids are getting older, it can get harder to meet other homeschoolers because we’re not doing all of the little activities that you tend to do when your homeschoolers are young. We’re at the point where we have a stack of books, and things like library story times and gymnastics drop in programs are in our past.

It could become far too easy to cut ourselves off from people, if we got too wrapped up in what we were doing in our own homeschooling. It’s vital, however, to keep connected with friends, family, and other homeschoolers. Humans are social beings, and we’re just not made to do it all on our own.

When I recently had a panicked few days over what we will do for high school for our oldest son, I was literally getting to the point where I was making myself ill over it. Thankfully, I’ve invested time in building relationships with other homeschoolers. Because of that closeness, I had a friend that met me for dinner one night and we sat and talked for four hours. She showed me the way that she was organizing high school work and transcripts in her house.

Not only did I feel mentally better after I left the dinner that night, but I could feel a physical change in my body. The worry that had worn me down over those last several days was nearly gone. My husband even commented on how much happier I looked.

I depend on having these kinds of relationships both with friends and with my family. They don’t happen all on their own though. In order to build and maintain those relationships, you need to work on them and be intentional with them. Investing that time now can pay you back many times over in the future.

With a busy homeschooling life, what are some things that you’re doing to be happier and healthier in the future?


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  1. Though I still have a second grader, it definitely gets harder to find other families to do activities with for my older kids (my eldest went to public high school, though. I WAS stressing until he made that decision, and I’m forseeing a little drama if the other two decide to stay home and put it on me for the transcripts: I don’t do paperwork all that happily).

  2. YES! I was wondering why things were feeling strange as my 5 kids now range from 4-12 and we are focusing more on schoolwork than nonstop play. Instead of always making friends for my kids, now I am able to focus more on friends for me, which will be so important in the future when I need that support as the kids start leaving home :-(

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