The Writers

Our writers come from a variety of backgrounds, use just about every schooling style under the sun, and have come to home educating for a myriad of reasons. But, one thing that unites us is our passion for home educating and sharing that passion with our readers.

Take some time to read about our authors to get to know them each better. You just might find someone who you not only want to read more about here at The Homeschool Classroom, but also on their own personal blogs.  (Each writer has a link in their bio that will take you to their blog, as well as a link to see all of their posts at The Homeschool Classroom.)


The Homeschool Classroom is currently accepting new regular (monthly) writers.

If you feel that you are being called to write for the Homeschool Classroom, especially if you feel that you have a unique situation that is not currently being covered, please don’t hesitate to contact Angie with how you think you can fit into our unique team of writers!