Ten years ago, Julianna Lawson eagerly stuffed a Thomas the Tank Engine backpack full of crayons, pencils, glue and every other thing a four-year-old might require. She zipped it shut, placed it on her son’s back and handed him the matching Thomas lunchbox. After slicking back his hair (again), she snapped a picture and planted a kiss on his forehead. He grinned back and headed off to school. She followed.

Today Julianna still follows her children to school, since she just happens to be their teacher. And all the action? It takes place right in their own home. When not circled ‘round the table with her children, willing them to learn fractions, diagram sentences, and keep the paints out of the living room, Julianna is often seen zipping by in a black mini-van, carting her hooligans from one activity to the next.

In the rare quiet moments that sneak into her life, she is eager to grab a cup of cream-laced tea and curl up with a book or enjoy a charming British drama with her very obliging husband. Julianna writes about family, faith and the fullness of joy over at Petunia June.

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